Friday, June 8, 2007

Building the Stem Wall

Tuesday, June 5, the Big T crew started the stem wall and worked right through a bitter wind storm to finish it by Thursday, June 7. It’s a pretty impressive wall, standing about 8 feet at the downhill (east) side, and just slightly above ground level at the uphill side. Next step will be filling the area inside the wall with dirt. Adam is planning to do this himself with the help of a friend who has a small tractor, so it may take a few weeks!

Filling the Footings!!

We decided to go with a licensed contractor (David Lavadazo-Big T Masonry) to finish the footings and build the stemwall, so on Friday, June 1, they came and laid the steel in place. On Monday, June 4, they poured the cement in the footings and shaped the steps to make the grade work for the foundation.