Sunday, July 29, 2007

Keep on Filling!

Aided by consistent daily rains (making constant watering of the fill less necessary, thereby saving us time and water) and the delivery of more fill while we were in Santa Fe last week, as well as the use of the rental bobcat and compactor again this weekend, we made significant progress. We were able to do three lifts in the back bedrooms and finish the front rooms to the point where we are now ready for base course in the front section of the house. Of course we still have to finish filling the back bedrooms and pretty much start from scratch in the entry way section, so we still have lots of work to do before we're ready to pour the slab!

It was definitely a family affair this weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2007

More progress!

With the help of some rental equipment (a bobcat and a rolling compactor) and two friends (thank you to Dwight and Ken), we made significant progress on filling the foundation and taking down the loads of "dirty cinders" this weekend. In fact, all 14 loads of cinders are now in the foundation (mostly in the living area) and compacted; we ordered more to be delivered this week.

This is the living area pictured above right (kitchen at far end, living room in middle and master bedroom closest to photographer).

Ken was also able to dig our water line connection for us with his tractor.

We leave for Santa Fe tomorrow to attend Willis Umholtz's memorial service, but we should be back by the weekend and Adam will be hard at it again. Therese may even be able to help this weekend, as she is not schedule to work at her "day job".

Thanks for checking!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Filling the Foundation (still)

Sad news: Adam's father, Willis Umholtz, died on June 10, 2007. Adam necessarily had to put the building project on hold while he grieved his father's unexpected death and made all the arrangements associated with moving his father's body from Texas (where he died) to Santa Fe, NM (where he was buried), and attending his burial. We will be taking another break later this week when we all travel back to Santa Fe to attend a memorial service in Willis' honor.

After an extended hiatus on the building project, (Willis you are missed), we finally got going again on July 2 with the delivery of 14 dump truck loads of "dirty cinders" which we'll be using to fill in the foundation. Once we fill up what seems like the vast space defined by the impressive wall, we will be ready for the slab.

Adam spent one whole weekend trying as hard as he could to move the dirt from outside the wall to the inside, level it and compact it by hand (carrying the dirt by wheel barrow load; shoveling it in, leveling with a rake and compacting every 10 inches with a jumping jack compactor). While he made significant progress for this method, it seems there is still a long way to go!

Accordingly, he has rented some equipment for this weekend: a bobcat and a remote compactor. These, along with the help of some friends, will make it go faster we hope!