Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Filling the third cell

Adam worked hard on filling the last cell of the foundation this past weekend. It's in the "deep fill" section and he can't get in there with a rolling compactor or the bobcat so he's doing it all by hand and with the jumping jack compactor. Very time consuming and lots of work!

We did receive our base course fill for the last layer under the slab, it is waiting patiently for us to be ready!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Foundation 2/3 done!

Adam finished filling two of the three "cells" of the house this past weekend, all by himself! (With the help of the rental equipment.)

One more to go!

We are preparing to welcome our straw bales one of these weeks. Here is the spot we have cleared for the eight "squeezes" of straw we have ordered. We have pushed back the delivery date a number of times because we are not in any hurry to receive it and also because it has been a VERY rainy July and August here and we'd just as soon let it stay in sunny southern Arizona as long as possible.