Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just when we thought it was over!

We got nine more inches of snow last Tuesday! It melted by the next day, but it was a fitting end for Father Winter this year! We're still waiting for some really nice weather to kick in. We had some rain and thunderstorms today.
We ordered the trusses for the roof and the metal for the roof this week. That's the next step! Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Now wind

Okay, so another 2 1/2 months have gone by and not a post to show! Not that there hasn't been progress, just lots of other activities getting in the way of actually putting pen to paper!

After the snowy winter came a very windy we are still enduring. The few walls Adam was able to put up in his spare time came back down in the wind, more than once.

This wall to the right blew down in heavy wind about three weeks ago. Adam put the wall back up shortly after it blew down but just placed the beam on top of it today and tied it to the interior wall you see coming out at a right angle.

In spite of the wind, he now has almost all the exterior walls up as well as the base of the decking. The beams have proven to be the biggest problem, as he is working totally alone except for my occasional and fleeting help in between work, my various classes, and kids' activities. He has had a few offers of help from friends which never seem to materialize when it comes down to actually helping.

This is the big beam for the deck that Adam and I inched into place last Sunday morning.

He was contemplating hiring a crane operator to come out and put some of the heaviest beams in place but he found out about a piece of rental equipment called a genie lift that took most of the lifting off his shoulders. Working alone he managed to place five huge beams while the kids and I were at soccer games this afternoon.

Adam put these two beams in place by himself with the help of the genie lift this afternoon.

Now he can order the trusses, finish some of the interior walls and we'll be putting the roof on before we know it!

To the right is the south wall with a 16 foot wide opening for glass doors. The header is a monster!