Wednesday, July 16, 2008


448 straw bales arrived today, one day early, taking Adam by surprise

and necessitating a mad scramble

for three hours to get all the lumber out of

the way where they needed to be stacked.

The transport company brought a "squeeze" to unload the bales,
a key piece of equipment. In fact we ended up switching suppliers for the straw at the last minute because the first supplier we were working with did not have access to a squeeze, and the 448 bales would have had to be unloaded by hand!

The squeeze made things much easier.

They are here and unloaded and they look great!

They add a whole new character to the construction site.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A little help goes a long way

We had a very constructive weekend, placing the huge trusses on top of the house, with a little help from friends. Instead of renting a crane, Adam succeeded in getting five guys out here to help with the heavy lifting. Tobin, Aaron, Mike, Andy and Tom came out here on Saturday morning and lifted five 58 foot trusses
(with 2 x 6 bottom and top chords) that will span the entire
width of the house over the east deck.

Aiken took the pictures and helped watch the younger kids. Many thanks to those who helped!

Adam and Andy also got a lot of work done on Sunday putting flooring up in the kids' bedrooms where their lofts will be.

This progress comes in spite of the daily thunder storms (called "monsoons" in this part of the country) that are routinely lasting several hours. They seem to be starting earlier and lasting longer each successive day! Though the region needs the moisture, we can't say we're thrilled to have had such a wet winter and now what is turning into a relatively wet summer THIS particular year.

This week should finally see delivery of the straw bales, after which the family will depart for a week's vacation on the east coast. We may not have a lot of progress to show for the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All trusses up!

It's beginning to look like a house!

Adam finished gettting the trusses over the main part of the house up today. He had a little help on Friday (Happy 4th of July!) from Andy and Ralph, two new acquaintances. Andy's experience provided several tips for how to secure the trusses, making Adam more comfortable with the finished product. He had lots of help along the way from Aiken (as usual) and some help from Aurelia and Amelie. Therese continued to work at her full time (plus) job, which was very busy for the holiday, so wasn't any help at all.

The kids have set up their own little play area under the deck of the new construction, where they have a "hospital" going.