Sunday, October 26, 2008

Successful Inspection and More Roof Color

We received a successful "nailing inspection" last Monday, October 20 before Adam went on a three day business trip to Phoenix last week. This was good news as it meant we could commence with putting the metal on the roof and start stacking bales for the walls.

So although we didn't make any progress during the week due to Adam's absence, we did manage to get some felt on the second story roof this weekend, as well as a bit of metal on the eyebrow of the clerestory roof.

It was nice on Saturday, calm and warm, perfect for putting up the felt.

But Sunday was breezy, which was not ideal for putting the metal on, unfortunately. That slowed Adam and Andy down a bit.

With the waning light in the evenings, we are down to a weekend only operation at this point, I'm afraid.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roof Color and soon Metal!

Adam and Andy spent last weekend (October 11 & 12) constructing the "eyebrow" for the clerestory roof, a labor intensive project. In the picture at right, this is the part of the roof that comes off the vertical wall that hangs over the lower roof. Many homes with a clerestory wall (the vertical upper story wall that faces south, allowing light into the north side rooms) have no eyebrow and simply join the attached roof with a flush corner. However, since much of our weather comes out of the southwest, Adam found it prudent to put this extra protection on that roof, to keep wind and rain from penetrating that wall.

You can also see the eyebrow in this picture, defined by the green painted fascia coming off the upper roof.

This weekend, Adam and Andy finished preparing the roof of the entire structure for a "nailing inspection" that is scheduled for tomorrow, October 20.

Therese spent the weekend painting (some of) the fascia or trim under the roof so it will be ready when the metal is put in place (as it will be hard to paint after the metal is on).

Aurelia helped with the painting quite a bit.

After the nailing inspection tomorrow, assuming all goes well, we should be putting metal on by next weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roofing Update & Third Grade Field Trip!

We had a nice break midweek when the Third Grade class from Pine Forest Charter School came out for a visit to fulfill their "construction site" field trip requirement.

Well, Adam has continued to make progress on the roof.

We did have about ten days without rain where the work went quickly on the steep roof.

After that was done, Adam and Andy had to "overframe" the portion where the roof of the second story meets the steep part of the roof over the lofts.

This was a labor intensive project, taking up most of last weekend, the final weekend of September.

This past weekend we had rain again and snow at the higher elevations. Adam managed to get the second story underlayment of plywood on.

The next steps will be to make the "eyebrow" on the clerestory and finish sheathing the clerestory wall.