Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!

We're on our third "snow day" in a row here. The house is taking it rather well even though there are very few bales in place. Just a dusting of snow on the slab in most places.
Take a look!

The one on top has the kids throwing snowballs at each other in the foreground.
The snow is supposed to taper off today and we'll hopefully get some work done this weekend.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Setback on the Roof!

Not much to report this week except some backwards progress. We had a big windstorm Friday night/Saturday morning and lost about six sheets of metal off the flat part of the roof as a result. Apparently, one of the sheets did not have the adhesive on the overlapping portion exposed when it was installed about ten days ago (you have to remove a strip of paper from the top of the adhesive strip to expose it so it will stick to the piece that is being placed on top of it in sequence). Additionally, all the screws were not installed so when it started to go, the wind only had to rip up about four screws per sheet and away it went!

We had heard some metal-ish noise early on Saturday morning on the roof but upon inspection (by Aiken and Adam), they couldn't find anything wrong. Of course, it wouldn't have been obvious if the wind wasn't actually lifting the un-adhered edge at the moment one was inspecting it.

Later in the day, as the wind continued to blow at sustained speeds of 50 mph, Amelie and I were headed out to run some errands. As we were getting in the car, I heard a sound of ripping metal. I looked up and saw several sheets of metal coming over the top of the doublewide. By the time I ran around to the building site, Adam was already on the roof of the doublewide grabbing the errant sheets of metal and feeding them to Andy who was pulling them back up on the roof. Aiken also had heard the noise from inside the trailer and came running out to help.

We spent the next hour trying to get the mangled metal back in place where it will have to stay until we can afford to replace it (it is a special order color at about $100 per sheet). As we were positioning the first piece, the wind again tore it out of our hands. Adam and Andy lost it completely and almost lost their thumbs in the process. The edges of the metal are very sharp. I was able to hold on to it as it flipped over me and crumpled on the ground below. Adam grabbed the other side and we quickly pulled it back up on the roof but it was mangled even worse than before. Adam and Andy were able to get it all screwed back in but it doesn't look pretty.

It's kind of hard to tell from these pictures but take our word for it, it doesn't look good! The darkish patches are bloodstains.

Also, the weather forecast calls for anywhere from 5 - 15 inches of snow for the next two days, so with any luck it'll start to melt by next weekend and maybe we can get the rooves finished once and for all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Metal on Steep Roof

We finally got most of the metal on the steep portion of the roof, over the kids' bedrooms and lofts. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see Adam up there screwing the last piece into place!

We did not make a lot of progress over the Thanksgiving weekend, due to rain and Adam just needing a bit of a break.

We did get the first piece of metal up LAST Sunday afternoon, just Adam and Therese.

Adam had originally intended to rig up some sort of rope and pulley system to make sure the person on the roof holding the metal and positioning it, then screwing it into place (read "Adam"), would be held securely. Instead, he went with free climbing and hoping for the best!

Each night last week we put up one - two pieces of metal. Bear in mind these pieces are 38 inches wide by 30 feet long. They are quite the piece of work to get up onto that steep roof without bending or tweaking it.
Aiken and Aurelia occasionally helped out walking the end of the piece up the roof (yes, they scaled that steep roof with the aid of the "stickers" nailed into the roof just shy of where the metal was going) so it didn't catch on the tar paper seams. Here you can see the "stickers" before any of the metal was applied.

We finally finished with the full pieces today, after cutting the third-to-last one with a hole for the stove pipe that will have to come up through it. Here you can see some stickers nailed through the metal around the stove pipe opening, to prepare for the time when the box (that will go around the stove pipe) will be put into place.

Adam wanted this picture of the lines of screws traveling across the pieces of metal. You might be able to pick out the screws if you click on the photo to enlarge it.
It took up a lot of time between pieces, to put all the screws in place, the peel up the previous layer of "stickers" in order to make a place for the next piece of metal.

Next step will be to cut the last piece so it will fit into the wall where it joins the second story.