Monday, February 23, 2009

New Pictures

Okay, no progress, but at least some new pictures of the new construction!
You need to enlarge these (click on the small image showing here) to see what we're talking about.
This first one is a view of the south side of the house, with the big windows facing the forest and the prevalent sunshine!

In this one, the pine trees are hiding the trailer in front (to the east) of the new construction. This is a view from the east. Ours is the big one with the green roof!

Our friend, Dawn Kurtz (formerly known as Dawn Arszyla to those in Nome who remember her), took these aerial pictures while flying over our house yesterday.

Now, those of you who live in AK think that small planes are an every day occurrence BUT in areas of this altitude, it is actually pretty rare to have small planes buzzing around.

This is also from the east, a little closer.

We were VERY excited to get these pictures!
Also, I never did an update to deliver MORE bad news, but we did discover, about three weeks ago, that about 1/4 to 1/2 of our bales had been compromised by MOLD and MICE over the period of damp weather and inactivity.
We'll replace them when we know how many we need.
One of these weekends, the slab will be dry enough to actually start placing some bales again.
Also in the meantime (also more bad news but with a silver lining, we hope), Adam found out he will have one mandatory furlough day every pay period. He will plan to take them on Fridays when possible, meaning he will have a three day weekend every other week to spend building!
Now we just have to come up with some money to buy more materials (and replace those that have been damaged).