Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update, really!

Okay, my apologies to all the faithful blog checkers who have been checking and seen NO progress here.

Of course, there HAS been progress, but life gets in the way of the updates, you know! Since I last updated, Aurelia has made her first communion AND confirmation (triggering a visit by my parents), Aiken had his 11th birthday, Amelie had her 7th birthday, and now it's Mother's Day! (Happy Mother's Day!)

Gosh, since March 29...Adam has finished placing bales in most of one wall (facing west) and at least half of another wall (facing north). Unfortunately, this is the only slightly updated picture and it's hard to see...also from when we still had snow in mid-April.

Prior to continuing with the bales, however, we had to take delivery of a full load of straw bales...though we only needed about half a load to complete the house, according to Adam's calculations. These were needed to replace the bales ruined by mold as well as supplement the original shipment.

Work has been slow as he's been totally on his own except for some help from Jonathan the first week of April or so. Jonathan has since relocated to Phoenix and now Adam is completely alone.

The bale placing process, as described previously, is very labor intensive and slow. Just about every bale has to be somehow modified before it can be placed in the wall.

One other very labor intensive project was placing the remaining corner posts on the north facing wall (the corners of the entryway). Adam had arranged for a friend with a tractor to come and help him lift up the trimmed logs into place, as he was dealing with an eight foot jump to floor level on those corners. The tractor owner was late in arriving however, and Adam managed to get both massive posts up and in place completely by himself with the use of cinder blocks, a handy man jack and strapping. Very impressive!

Adam also cut out all four of the windows in the clerestory portion of the building, to prepare for putting those large windows in. Pictures to follow.

Since we did have to take the full load of straw, Adam has since had a break through in thinking about the ceiling insulation, he has decided to use bales in the steep portion of the roof rather than the expensive blow-in foam insulation he was planning to use. He has a method for getting the bales up into the rafters, and it sounds like the best use of materials yet!

The kids have fun in the waste straw!

We have had really nice weather the past few days but we had several late snow storms through April and LOTS of it feels nice to finally have some warm weather on the way!