Sunday, June 28, 2009

June update

Well, by now summer is in full swing (finally some hot and sort of dry weather here), Aurelia's badly broken arm from an accident in late May is healing well, and we have made a little more progress on the house:

Here's a pictorial review of the past six weeks...

These are in order from most recent to least recent (or so).

This shows the finished roof at the far end of the steep roof and the 4:1 second story roof. The last piece of metal on the steep part of the roof (closest to the second story) had to be custom cut and Adam had run out of time to get it done with Andy last it sat uncovered all winter and allowed a significant amount of water to flow into the building in that corner...ruining some bales Adam had placed back in April. Good to have that covered!

This just happened this past weekend, 6/27.

Read this series of pictures below from the bottom up:
Shows the replaced metal that was ruined by wind in December 2008.

Final picture of replaced roof metal.

Lifting up to roof from bale pyramid.

Transitioning metal piece from ground to bale pyramid.

Picking up metal off ground.

Placing adhesive strip on leading edge for next piece of metal.

This was a picture from December showing the damaged metal.
See above for the process of replacing these.
Metal replaced on roof!

Bales three deep in the kitchen

(east wall). This has been in process the last couple of weekends with Adam and Kyle, a new helper! 6/20 - 6/25 or so.

Getting ready for bale string to appear for bamboo reinforcement in Aiken's room. This process took place in early - mid June.

Adam feeds the bale string through from one side while standing on bales stacked in truck (portable scaffolding); Therese grabs string on other side. Bamboo gets placed on inside of bales.

Aurelia's one-armed shot of Adam's portable scaffolding. Used to finish stacking bales in the loft area of Aiken's bedroom and to install bamboo backing for the bales, used to keep the bales straight and in line.

Window after the opening was lowered and wrapped.

Southeast window opening after window removed.
Therese and Adam removed the first window alone (6 x 9 foot window).
Adam got help for the second window: Tobin and Aaron came out. This happened the weekends of 6/13 and 6/20.

Adam decided to lower the picture windows on the south side of the house to accommodate one bale height, allowing window seats to be built more conveniently.
Window was removed and strapped to side of building while window opening was lowered.

Full bale wall on west side of house. Taken 6/13.
Still no significant plastering to speak the process of re-thinking the make-up of the plaster. Clay or lime?