Monday, August 31, 2009

More bales stacked!

Adam had another weekend of classes in Phoenix to study for his PE, but he did take a coupla days off last week and managed to all but finish stacking bales in the kids' rooms...

Aiken's room...

Aurelia's room...

Amelie's room...

The outside

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adam's Break from Building

Adam recently got approval to sit for the PE (Professional Engineering) exam in October, and his office arranged for him to take a PE review course in Phoenix, so starting this past weekend, he'll be spending the next five weekends (except Labor Day weekend) in Phoenix brushing up on his engineering formulae...

He will still get some work done on the house during the week.

This past week he and Aiken put some strapping up...

He stacked some bales in Amelie's room....

And we put a few more Hardie planks up on the west wall...

So we'll be moving at a little slower pace the next coupla months but hopefully by the end of October, Adam will have his PE (which will seriously open some professional doors for him) and we'll be moving forward on the house again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This and That

We had a bit of an "unfocused" week and weekend, but we did get a few things done on various fronts.

Adam spent the early part of the weekday evenings moving scaffolding up to the 1:12 roof to commence installing the soffet there, so we can finish the Hardie plank. We got most of the soffet installed later in the week in the evenings.

Adam also negotiated for a front door with a local door shop (In and Out Doors in Flagstaff) and we ended up deciding on an 8 foot knotty alder door that had already been built for someone else (and then not taken). The owner, Cecilio Tapia, took our order on Tuesday and said he would have it ready to go (pre-hung, threshold, etc.) by the following Monday but it was ready on Friday.

Paul Rauch, a friend from Nome, now of Homer (AK), came to town for the weekend and was out to the house Friday afternoon to help Adam unload the door and get it inside. Then today, Sunday, Andy Wheeler made a brief appearance to help us install it. Thanks to all for the help! (Sorry, no pictures of the helpers.)
Paul also mentioned he thought we were "deceiving" blog watchers by taking pictures only of the finished west side to make folks think the other sides were finished as well, so let this information be known: none of the other walls are fully baled yet!

Adam has been staining the new door with a fruitwood stain that looks really nice, and spent the rest of today building the bale walls in the entryway up to the door (he's been waiting to have a door installed to know how far the bales can come.)

Yesterday, Saturday, we did get a few rows of Hardie plank and once piece of soffet installed on the west side of the buildings. It's quite a reach...we'll have to rig up something a little higher to extend our reach.

Aiken wanted folks to see where I stand when I take the "standard"view of the west side of the house, so he took this picture of my spot in the forest.

Adam only has three days this week to work, and then heads to Phoenix Thursday through Sunday to start his review course for the Professional Engineer's exam, which will take place in October. He'll have a few days off next week to make up for the lost time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Siding on the Clerestory!

Wow, almost finished installing the Hardie plank on the Clerestory, in just one week! Adam worked hard all week getting the east end done...lots of trim to place (each with a little groove cut out of it so it would lay flush) and special cuts for the planks going around the windows...very time consuming stuff!

Then he jammed Saturday and Sunday with the longer pieces (putting most up by himself while Therese rushed to get enough planks painted).

As we were placing the last of the long pieces on the top level, Sunday night before dinner, the drill (Adam is screwing the planks in place instead of nailing them) ran out of juice...we're down to just one battery at the moment (try building a house with just ONE battery...that means every time you run out of juice you have to WAIT for it to charge up!) So we put the battery on the charger, waited about 30 minutes until it had enough of a charge to finish the job, and got the last layer in place. Actually, there are two more layers under the eyebrow that you can't see in this picture, plus the soffet above that'll keep Adam busy the rest of this week, but at least we got a...

Nice picture to show for his work!

After that Adam and Aiken snapped the line for the Hardie plank that will go on the west wall of the house, and that will be it for the Hardie plank, yahoo!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces

We finished the lower level of the South side (pretty much)! The soffet was installed, the last line of Hardie plank placed, and the trim painted and installed! It is nice to be more or less finished with one small part of the house! (We just need to touch up some paint and paint over the screws/nails there).

Adam also started the Hardie plank window trim on the upstairs south side...the clerestory (until the table saw burned up), and put in the last two natural wood posts on the upstairs corners. Here he's cutting the core out of the log to make the natural post (decorative only, of course!)

Here the post is bolted and in place!

Therese painted the soffet, Hardie plank and trim as time allowed, Aiken helped a lot with the Hardie plank (until he could no longer reach high enough) and the girls played, played, played (and also combed the male Siberian Husky, Hoss, each day...their chore).