Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last first floor wall plastered!

Exterior, that is!
This view is from the roof of the trailer, a new vantage point! (That's what the shingles in the foreground are.)

We had friends John D. (again), and Michelle G. and kids out on Saturday to get us started on the last section of first floor wall. We got a late start because we had all the prep work (tar paper and expanded metal to apply to the posts) to do, as well as some additional work with bamboo to set up a frame for the interior kitchen cabinets (at some point in the future). Though our helpers showed up by noon, it was well after 2:00 when we started plastering.

this is a "prep shot" for inspection purposes

We got most of the way through it but Halloween interfered, and we had to knock off early for a stellar party at a fellow PF 4th grade family's home in Boulder Pointe.

We finished it up (just Adam and me) on Sunday, and we'll see if the freeze/thaw cycle affects it much. It hadn't dried out much by Sunday afternoon (even the part done Saturday afternoon), and it is definitely freezing every night now (though up near 60 during the days...don't you love the temp. range here?)

We also managed to get a couple more windows installed on the second story, and used up the last of the mud on that section.

We (read "Adam") still have a lot of bales to place upstairs, so look for the next mudding update to be around Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, we'll have pictures as the bales and windows get placed.

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