Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plastering Done!

We finished the last of the first coat of plaster on Saturday, with a little help from John D. (one of Adam's co-workers at ADOT who has selflessly come out at least four times to help with this process. winning the "most frequent and BEST helper" award)!
It was a cold and blustery day, and we were glad to see John's smiling face in our doorway, as it meant we were able to complete the last 24 feet of the 2nd story in just about four hours total!

We were able to stand on the deck roof to do this portion, so we fortunately only needed the scaffolding to come and go, and haul the mud buckets up.

We were cold when we finished, and the plaster was crystallizing in the cold wind as it dried but it is done and so far, is sticking to all walls!

The house is (very nearly) officially closed in now, just in time for our first big snow storm of the season (expected to start tomorrow mid-day with a total accumulation of 12-18 inches). We do still have both ridge caps to place, as well as a tiny portion of this last wall, over the window, to finish. There are also some gaps in the rafters to seal, on the east-facing first story but these are well protected by the roof over the covered deck, so we hope we won't have too much snow infiltration to worry about.

Next steps: place the ridge caps (once the roof is free of snow again), seal up the last of the holes, insulate the ceilings (including placing the tongue and groove finished ceiling in the living area), finish the radiant floor heating (including the hot water heater installation), then plumbing and electrical.

Not to mention plastering the INSIDE of the house.

The list is endless, but at least we'll be out of the weather for the rest of the winter. Yahoo.

Thank you everyone who helped with the plastering...only two months from start to finish(!) Whew!

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