Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interior Stairway almost done!

Adam has spent the past month putting the finishing touches on an upstairs window (straw support over the window), and scoping out necessities for plumbing and electrical. He ordered and picked up our super-efficient hot water heater, which will provide both the domestic hot water and the hot water for our radiant floor heating. He also ordered and took delivery of the remaining items for putting in the floor heating (pumps and such).

Finally, the past two weeks he's been working on designing a stairway for the inside of the house, replacing the ladder that's been in place throughout construction. He researched various stair construction methods and decided on a "box" design whereby he builds several boxes under the stairs for support, and then makes the risers out of wood.

As you can see, he made quite a bit of progress all by his lonesome this weekend (while Therese and the kids did various things around town). Aiken did help quite a bit last weekend with the prep work.

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